Color, Sound, Movement

Film Screening and Conversation
Participants: Jenny Brockmann, Martyna Groth-Syrkowska, Paulina Olszewska

@Goethe Institut Warsaw
Chmielna 13A, 00-021 Warszawa, Poland

Jenny Brockmann, artist, Berlin – will express herself through a specially prepared video work „Collective Dialogue, Getrud Grunow“
Martyna Groth-Syrkowska, theater expert, Warsaw, will share a conversation with Paulina Olszewska, curator, Berlin / Warsaw, after the film screening.

Gertrud Grunow conducted innovative classes in harmony integrating all the senses and constituting the basis for learning about colors and forms at the Bauhaus. What was her method and how did it influence the Bauhaus? What is it today and how can it be addressed?

The film „Collective Dialogue, Getrud Grunow“ by artist and researcher Jenny Brockmann presents a portrait of Bauhaus master Gertrud Grunow, whose ideas have not been appreciated and almost forgotten. The film attempts to interpret her work from a contemporary perspective and explores the possibilities of application in today’s artistic practice. As with many other female biographies where source documents are missing, the film is based on reconstructive research to which Jenny Brockmann invited female scientists, artists and activists. The film is a documentation of meetings, performances and installations initiated by the artist in 2018-2020 and attended, among others, by Ute Ackermann (research area: art history and literature, Bauhaus Museum Weimar), Paulina Olszewska (art history), Katja Erfurth (dance).

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