1. Rostocker Wippengespräch on Seat#12

Moderation by: Wolfgang Schareck and Andreas Ebeling
November 6, 2019, 8pm
@University of Rostock
Foyer of Konrad-Zuse-Haus, Albert-Einstein-Strasse  22, 18359 Rostock

How And At What Price Can We Stop The Anthropogenic Influences On The Climate?


Till Backhaus
Minister of Agriculture and Environment of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Matthias Beller
Director Leibniz Institute for Catalysis

Bernhard von Finckenstein
Director of the Forestry Office Billenhagen

Stephan Gustke
Managing Director Shpping Company Heinrich Gustke GmbH

Pia Hornung
Spokeswoman Fridays for Future Rostock

Ulf Karsten
Professor of Applied Ecology and Phycology

Hansjörg Kunze
Vice President PR & Communication, AIDA Cruises

Detlef Kurreck
President of the Farmers Organization Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

Johann-Christian Põder
Junior Professor of Ethics, Technology Ethics and Medical Ethics

Michael Rauscher
Professor of Economics / Foreign Trade

Martin Reißig
CEO FVTR GmbH Rostock

Ute Römer
Board member Stadtwerke Rostock AG

Inna Sokolova
Professor of Marine Biology

Pauline Zschach
Students for Future Rostock

Harald Weber
Professor for Electrical Power Supply

Wolfgang Schareck
Director University of Rostock

Andreas Ebel
Editor-in-chief Ostsee-Zeitung

The discussion takes place on the installation „Seat # 12“ by Jenny Brockmann in the presence of the artist.