Group exhibition ‚Geheimnis‘

Group exhibition
Curator: Dr. Birgit Möckel
@Kunsthaus Potsdam (D)

Secrets remain, despite all of the transparency that has become the dream of our enlightened society. They are „one of mankind’s greatest achievements,“ as Georg Simmel stated at the beginning of the 20th century in his Sociology, which is still widely read today.

Twenty artists explore mysteries that lure, enchant, or disturb between light and darkness; between emerging and disappearing; meanwhile not permitting any all-encompassing insights. The mystery is presented as an enigmatic sign; as an inexplicable impulse or code, between mysteries and mysterious, fragmentary and/or purposeful. With coincidental overlap, the mysterious theme opens up its own spaces of perception and poses new questions about reality.

The thematic allusions range from the kinetic Shy Room that conceals its interior when approached, to the irritating „aura research“ conducted in Einstein’s summer house in Caputh, to quiet messages that elude, transform or open the eye. Bringing together different artistic media, the exhibition includes drawing, painting, sculpture, objects, photography and video works.