On ‚Shy Room’ by Nadine Haegeli, 2010

Project description of the Installation „The Shy Room“

The current project of Berlin-based artist Jenny Brockmann is a treasure chest of a proufound manner. The side wings of the 2,20 meter sized cube exhibit a peculiar dynamic function; from a distance of 10 meters, the four sides are wide open to the observer, virtually inviting him to enter the cube’s illuminated interior. When one approaches the source of the light, however, the wonderous cube is folding its side wings. At point-blank range of 4 meters, the entrance is completely sealed. So close, and yet in an unattainable distance from achieving the objective – from a formal point of view.

By comprising space as a social platform for interaction into a cube, the artist alludes to the men-
tal capability of the human being. The cube’s opening and closing ushers a transubstanciation into an object imbued with life, even akin to humanity. The interior light referring to a soul, to the selfawareness, that could be ours, to the truth, which we are searching for. This search does not have a de nite destination – instead, the journey is the reward – as demonstrated by the cube’s request to keep one’s distance. In her artistic engagement with the human experience and conception of space, Jenny Brockmann aims at guiding the observer to his personal periphery of human sensual perception.

For many years the artist has been concentrating on the subject of nature and its inherent processes. Inspired by light, water, air, and kinetic energies she creates new forms, structures and work ows. There is a daintly easiness and liveliness which is very unique to these newly formed entities, creating unexpected interactions with the observer, and widening preconcieved conceptions in a playful way.

Jenny Brockmann (*1976 in Berlin) studied Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts and received her Master of Fine Arts as an apprentice of Rebbecca Horn. Her sculptures and installation span from the organic to the philosophical spectrum and have been exhibited in a variety of international venues. The artist and sculptress lives and works in Berlin.

copyright Nadine Haegeli, 2010