Prototype BALANCE

Collaborative Project
Initiators: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck, Dr.-Ing. Wilko Flügge, Prof. Dr. Knuth Henkel

March – August 2022
@Fraunhofer Institute
Albert-Einstein-Str. 30, Rostock, Germany
An art-science project in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute (IGP) and the University Rostock


Under the title ‚Prototype BALANCE‘, the first interdisciplinary collaboration between the artist Jenny Brockmann, the University of Rostock and the Fraunhofer Institute for Large Structures in Production Engineering IGP will launch in March 2022.

Initiated by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schareck, Rector of the University of Rostock, and further made possible by the Director of the Fraunhofer IGP Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilko Flügge and under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Knuth Henkel (Fraunhofer IGP), Jenny Brockmann is creating a multi-perspective art-science project together with scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute that explores the nature, limits and future visions of her art object Seat#12.

After an intensive three-month research phase at the Fraunhofer IGP, the newly adapted Seat#12 will be handed over to the Fraunhofer IGP, where it will be placed – in public space – in front of the institute at Albert-Einstein-Str. 30 in August 2022.

With ‚Prototype BALANCE‘, Brockmann opens a dialogue between art and science – creating new perspectives and offering artistic views of scientific methods and procedures at Fraunhofer IG. Selected topics of the artistic research project are #light, #atmosphere, #material and #temperature.