Four Pieces and a Half

Solo exhibition
Opening 22.05.2018
@Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street #4, Brooklyn, NY 11231

The exhibition Four Pieces and a Half presents work by current resident Jenny Brockmann which deals with the handling and the effects of uncertain knowledge in interaction with humans. Whether it is the weather forecast, the forecast of a volcanic eruption, the probabilities of the next earthquake, the next stock market move, or the next election result – with the need to maximize our safety, information about these events are transformed into future facts and thus produce the so-called uncertain knowledge.

Using the media kinetics and sculpture, Brockmann works across a variety of genres and questions the connection of scientific data collection and its shifting transfer by attempting to apply it to everyday life. Massive and fluid magnetic connections, kinetic constructions and shadow plays have an aesthetic appeal that follows Brockmann’s artistic intent. Poetically and precisely, this exhibition, through the presentation of works from 2017 as well as showing findings of her actual research during the residency provides an insight into Brockmann’s working practice.