Discursive Event: 26.08.2017
@Centre of Polish Sculpture
ul. Topolowa 1, 26-505 Orońsko, Poland

Jenny Brockmann’s sculpture Seat #6 (aluminium, wood, foam, PVC-fabric, 320 x 320 x 60 cm 2017) will be installed in the Centre’s sculpture park for 3 months.

Discursive event on Saturday, 26th of August 2017, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Together with Berlin-based curator Paulina Olszewska (PL), the Artist-in-Residence at the Centre of Polish Sculpture, Jenny Brockmann (DE), will initiate a dialogue with other residents and invited guests using the sculpture added by her to the sculpture park, Seat #6, as a tool for discussion in order to bring her neologism “irreversible moment” into the discourse. What does that mean for the sculptural process (perceiving sculpture, creating sculpture)? Researching about the essence of change, which role does time play in contemporary sculpture? And what does that mean for art in public space?