On ‚Fluid‘ by Dr. Birgit Moeckel

The project “Fluid” reflects on the subjective experience of time moments between expansion and shortening.
“Fluid” refers to flowing matter in the liquid or gaseous state, which spreads in any form but can be difficult to contain or compress. This phenomenon is evident in the petri dishes filled with water and ink, which Jenny Brockmann places onto a lightbox to set the liquid contents in motion with a pump whenever a viewer approaches. Then you can experience how the dark fluid develops a material’s own dynamic, which expresses the gravitational forces watercolor-like and leads to ever new flowing free play of the forms – as long as the once triggered movement impulse activates the work and keeps it “alive”. As soon as the observer wanders to the next object, he pushes a new impulse via the photoelectric barrier and once again the dark mass in its clear lake dissolves into a multitude of flowing, often surprising, movements that spread, become breathable, and then withdraw and concentrate again. Only at second glance do you notice lines that catch the liquid. Barely perceptible in the clear water, cuts are made only in the course of the flow of ink by the artist, which direct the free flow, limiting and, as a result, think of stencil-like apertures that are comparable to the play of gravity and matter sharpening the accompanying light and dark of a close-up and, last but not least, transforming it from the surface into specific spatial contexts.