Bauhaus Psychology – Workshop with Robert Wilson

Workshop and solo installation
Idea: Henning Schmidgen

August 24, 2023
@Bauhaus-Universtät, Weimar
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8/15, 99423 Weimar


Bauhaus Psychology – Workshop with Robert Wilson

Idea: Henning Schmidgen
Installation: Jenny Brockmann

Contributors: Robert Wilson (theater director, visual artist, architect), Henning Schmidgen (psychologist and media theorist, professor at the Bauhaus University, Weimar), Jenny Brockmann (artist), Ute Ackermann (art historian, curator at the Bauhaus Museum, Weimar), Paulina Olszewska (art scholar, curator at Galeria Studio, Warsaw)

The event “Bauhaus Psychology – Workshop with Robert Wilson” explores the convoluted paths of reception and the various fields of application of the Bauhaus psychology that can be associated with the Bauhaus master Gertrud Grunow. In dialogue with Robert Wilson, who studied with Sybil Moholy-Nagy, among others, the contents of this psychology will be secured and its perspectives discussed. A key issue is the body, its movements and its intensities, and how a corresponding theory (and practice) of balancing can be continued today – in architecture and art, but also in dance, theater, and film.

The workshop takes place in cooperation with the bauhaus.medien.bühnen laboratory, Kunstfest Weimar and in the context of the centenary of the Weimar Bauhaus Exhibition 2023.

Location: Oberlichtsaal of the Bauhaus University Weimar
Time: Thursday, 24.08.23
12h-14h Lecture and discussion
14h-17h Film-screening
17h-19h Presentation and discussion