Two projects in collaboration with Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Discovery Art Fair FRANKFURT and AURI Store HAMBURG

Discovery Art Fair: 04.11 – 06.11.22
@Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt, Halle 1.2, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt, Germany
in collaboration with Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

AURI Store, ehemaliges Karstadt, Hamburg: 06.11 – 31.12.22
@AURI Store, Hamburg
Ehemaliges Karstadt, 1. OG im Jupiter, Mönckebergstrasse 2-4, 20095 Hamburg, Germany


From Dorothée Nilsson Gallery’s Newsletter:

“We are pleased to present a special collaboration with Jenny Brockmann.

Her work will be displayed at
Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt
VIP opening: 03.11 from 4 till 10 pm
Duration: 04.11 – 06.11.22


Ehemaliges Karstadt, Hamburg
Auri Store, 1st Floor in Jupiter
Mönckebergstraße 2-4, 20095
Opening: 06.11.22 at 4 pm
Duration: 07.11 – 31.12.22

Seat #12 is an interactive sculpture that is mounted on a single central axis and
creates a seating opportunity for twelve people, referring to a circular conference table
layout. The construction touches the floor in only one place, meaning that the 12
aluminum branches, which start in the middle and each conclude with a seat cushion,
create dangerous tipping motions as soon as one tries to sit down.
With its swing-like function, Seat #12 sets up an unusual situation: every movement,
even the very smallest, made by one of those seated directly affects the sitting
position of all the others. And so the person sitting requires a counterpart to balance out
the tipping motion caused by their weight. The sculpture’s equilibrium depends on the
interaction of its sitters, of the group as a whole. That means that the more people wish
to sit down, the clearer the agreement needs to be on when and how each one sits.
The interrelatedness between participants, their communication, and (un-)willingness to
re-position for a collective balance, become parts of the installation. The seemingly
futuristic object deals with communication: A voiced, or perhaps merely sensed
discourse on the perfect balance inevitably evolves between those seated.

Please contact Dorothée Nilsson for more information about the works on display. ”