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Ganzfeld by James Turrell
Conversation with Jenny Brockmann

“Since beginning my work about the migration of Germans, I paid regular visits to the Jewish Museum. There, I researched how Jewish Germans migrated during the Holocaust, which played a role in my project Chronicle of a Place.

During Berlin Art Week I discovered the installation by James Turrell that is housed in a temporary building in the museum’s garden. The installation is very much related to our perception of color.

This reminds me of another project that I am working on. At the moment I am researching the forgotten Bauhaus master Gertrud Grunow, who was active in Weimar. Grunow said that each person has his or her own color mood, which is related to all other colors in the outside world.

The installation by James Turrell offers a similar experience. Turrell provides us with a feature of the outer world, namely colored light, which is very intense. His installation triggers something inside us. While concentrating on the color, we can discover moods in ourselves that we associate with certain colors. For years I have neglected color. As a sculptor, form was paramount to me. Now, through my research, I look at color from a scientific angle and it becomes more interesting. Turrell’s installation is a wonderful experimental field for my work.”

Jenny Brockmann

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